Survivor Dead Pool


Welcome to Survivor Deadpool!

Survivor Deadpool is a fantasy-game tournament for fans of Survivor II, created by fans of Survivor II for our and your amusement. Ready to play? Register now or sign in (at left). Want to know more? Read on….

How the Deadpool Works

The rules here are simple: cast three weekly votes. Each week, pick which Survivor player you think will be voted off, which one you think will win immunity, and one Survivor you think WON’T get kicked off.

Points are awarded for correct picks, with bonus points awarded based on the number of other players who made the same choice you did. That means that a risky pick can win you more than a “safe” pick — but only if your instincts are right.

Each week is worth more points than the week that preceded it, so Deadpool newcomers can compete with old-timers and play best casino games as well. We also calculate scores for each week’s group of newcomers, so you can see how you stack up against others who joined when you did.

Standings are also calculated for overall individual scores and for Alliances (leagues) of friends, family or coworkers that you can create or join. (Create or join up to 3.) The cost: Free. Your prize: Glory!

Heed the words of the Deadpool motto: Outguess, Outimpress, GetOutofmyway. Join us. This will be fun!!!

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